for Musicians.






for Musicians.

Here you will set the tone.

During the coaching sessions for musicians we will have plenty of time to take a look at your personal challenges and take on a common journey towards a perfect and healthy solution for your individual situation.

Throughout the sessions you, your body and your instrument will be my first priority.

Coaching Goals

Coaching für Musiker:innen

Particular coaching topics:


While you play your instrument, your jaw, your lips and your tongue are put under enormous stress. Since our jaw region is home to many nerves, even the littlest changes, be they positive or negative, can have a huge impact on the entire body. It only needs a few simple exercises in order to accomplish quite a lot in this region. They will help you relax your jaw muscles as well as your tongue and reduce subsequent consequences just as headaches, neck pain or excessive strain.


Throughout this coaching, you will gain a better understanding of the anatomic and physiological aspects of your breathing. I am going to show you specific exercises for feeling and relaxing your diaphragm. For a full understanding of the processes that take place during breathing, I will explain to you – both theoretically and practically – how the pelvic floor is related to your breathing. My goal for this coaching is to work together with you in order to provide a good basis for your individual breathing technique that will help you experience the SUPPORT in a new way when you practise.

Pelvic Floor

Breathing, speaking, singing and playing a wind instrument doesn’t work without our pelvic floor.
Throughout this coaching, I will provide you with exercises that you can then apply to your instrument. Other exercises will help you to bring relaxation to your pelvic floor. Because, this much I can tell you: only a relaxed muscle is able to perform its function.

Pelvic Floor Plus for female Musicians

before | during | after pregnancy

Pelvic Floor Plus will give you the necessary knowledge and exercises for you and your pelvic floor to get ready to pick up your instrument as soon as possible after pregnancy and post-partum. Together we will take a look at your individual situation, your personal needs and possible deficits. 
I recommend starting ths coaching before and during pregnancy as well as right after delivery.


Here you will find theoretical and practical answers to all your questions.
I will provide you with some background knowledge and appropriate exercises that will help us to get you on a journey to the posture that’s perfect for you and your situation – now and especially in the long run.

Your personal objective

is the first priority of my coachings for musicians.
As a freelance oboe player and physiotherapist I am well acquainted with the miscellaneous challenges a musician’s everyday life holds in store.

That’s why with these coachings I want to support you to be able to make music in a healthy and sustainable way (again).

Coaching für Musiker:innen