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Understand and experience your body.


Are you aware of all the myths that exist about breathing? Everybody tries to tell you how you should or shouldn’t breathe and how you should or shouldn’t move. But which of these myths are correct?

In order to find answers, we need to take a look into the anatomy and physiology of our bodies and try out specific exercises.

Don’t worry – it’s not going to be a jejune lecture but we’re rather going on a journey together to explore the perfect approach for your individual breathing technique.

Once you’ve understood the breathing processes in your body, you’ll be able to recognise, unlearn and correct obstructive habits yourself. This way you can prevent overloadings and consequential damages in the long run, develop your own breathing technique and subsequently little by little concentrate more on the music (again).

My goal for this workshop

is to impart you the necessary knowledge and provide you with an exercise programme that will serve as a basis for your individual breathing technique.
On this basis, separately from practising your instrument you will be able to do some specific muscle training intentionally releasing and tensing them which will permanently improve your stamina and power during your music playing.

"The exercise makes me feel like I just had a peppermint. This is how easy I can breathe now."

Breathing Workshop Participant

After this BREATHING workshop you will be able to:

Pelvic Floor

for a strong SUPPORT.

- advanced workshop -

On to the second round of learning about breathing. This time we’ll be focusing on the pelvic floor and its SUPPORT function. First, we will recap some facts from the breathing workshop and answer all practical questions you might have.

Since our pelvic floor has to be strong in order to fulfill its function, we will look at when and how it is used, how its muscles can be strengthened and how we can relax them. We will also discuss the crucial link between the mouth/embouchure and the pelvic floor.

In this workshop you will be using your instrument/your voice. We’ll start with some warm-up exercises using only our mouthpieces and then move on to exercises with the entire instrument.

There will be enough time for you to share your personal experience, ask questions and discuss upcoming challenges. I’m sure you will leave the workshop with new inspiration and power to get off to a flying (re-)start.

My goal for this workshop

is that your pelvic floor is able to fulfill its function while you’re playing/singing so you can focus on the music. In addition, I want to help you prevent overload injuries and damages to your pelvic floor due to overusing the pelvic muscles e.g. pushing too hard.

"The pelvic floor workshop has helped me so much!!
Since I have been following the daily routine I have developed using some of the exercises, my stamina has improved, I am breathing more easily and of course, I feel the SUPPORT, That's really great. Thank you so so much!"

Luisa, Oboe Player

After the PELVIC FLOOR workshop you will:


The answers to these and other questions we will find in this workshop will help you to play music in a healthy and sustainable way. You will see that your body’s anatomy plays a big part – theoretically as well as practically. By experiencing it practically and attaining some more knowledge about it, you will be able to correct or unlearn unhealthy habits, prevent damages and make room for new movement patterns that in turn allow for more presence.
I will be happy to answer all of your individual questions. Since everyone’s body is unique, we will work together to find the perfect solution for your individual posture with and without your instrument.

My goal for this workshop

is to help you find a posture that you feel comfortable with in general or when holding your instrument. This is achieved by helping you understand the anatomy and physiology of your body and providing you with an exercise programme for a daily routine. This way you can take immediate action in order to specifically influence your posture and improve your perfomance in a healthy and sustainable way.

"My body feels like a jigsaw puzzle – all pieces are finally put together."

Posture Workshop Participant

After the POSTURE workshop you will:

"Thank you so much for this awesome workshop. I think it's so valuable that it should already be taught to music students and beginners."

Pelvic Floor–strong support Workshop Participant
Workshops für Musiker:innen

Making music in a healthy and sustainable way.

As a freelance oboe player and physiotherapist, I have a passion for music, the body and movement. 

Thanks to my own experiences, I am well acquainted with the many joys and challenges a musician’s everyday life holds in store.

That’s why I want to support you with these workshops to understand and experience your body so that you will be able to make music in a healthy and sustainable way (again).


First and foremost, my workshops are intended for wind players and singers. However, everybody interested is welcome, regardless of their professional level. It’s always a pleasure to see how people with different backgrounds benefit from the workshops.

Yes, please. I have already given these workshops at music schools, for music classes, orchestras and associations in different formats.
Send me a message and we will figure something out together.

In order for the communication to be open and confident, the number of participants is limited to 6 for online workshops and 8 to 12 for workshops held in person. If you want to host a workshop or seminar, I am flexible to adjust to your individual situation. To give you an example, I have already conducted online seminars with 60 to 80 participants. This format is possible but obviously I won’t be able to answer all individual questions then.

The workshops address the challenges of a musician’s everyday life (regardless of the professional level). If you’re still interested, you’re free to register. I’m sure you will benefit from it as well since you can also learn about and pay attention to your breathing and posture. 🙂

The participation fee for a workshop is 75 € | 60 € reduced fee (pupils, students, unemployed, single parents, retirees – please provide proof of eligibility). If the costs are what keep you from participating, please reach out to me and we will work together to find a solution.

Yes. As soon as the current pandemic situation allows for it, I will resume the workshops in person in the Berlin area again in accordance with the so-called 2G rule (vaccinated or recovered).

I’m currently planning on spring 2022. If you’re interested I will be happy to put you on my waiting list.

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