Therapeutic Climbing

for Musicians.

Climbing for Musicians – the perfect compensation for intense practise sessions?!

Therapeutisches Klettern für Musikerinnen & Musiker

One grip at a time.

Climbing has many advantages for you as a musician.

Not only are you going to train your body muscles, the climbing will also enhance your mental capabilities.

The thing about climbing is that this way of moving forward is already familiar to us from our childhood as it imitates crawling – only in the vertical direction. This is why climbing is a holistic training for your body and helps you to compensate muscular imbalances that might arise from your intense music making.

Especially for us musicians, this sport is very valuable. Each climbing sessions, you can look for your own challenges that fit your individual situation.

In order to minimise the risk of injury, I am going to introduce you to this sport one grip at a time. We will start low and slow and do specific exercises on the wall that will help you build trust with your new self climbing up the wall.

My therapeutic climbing sessions for musicians include a thorough warm-up followed by the ideal finger, hand and foot techniques as well as a fall training. I will make sure you get the compensation you need and are looking for!